1. Data Storage and Backups
    Imagine you running a pile of manual indexed files which are nearly impossible to retrieve a document filed 10 years ago or a running an excel or csv file with over a million rows making it impossible to search for a given customer details. Let us help you in reducing the stress of managing paper-based filling systems, need of acquiring storage space and time required to retrieve ad-hoc documents from your current location. Our platform will collect your data in hardcopy or soft copy, format and merge the data in a secure cloud. We will also provide a secure portal which you can upload and access your data from at any time and from any location eliminating multiple storage location of your data. More information Despite the 3-2-1 backup rule’s simplicity, many business continue to ignore it and lose their data because they were unprepared for a disaster. The 3-2-1 backup rule implies that you should: Have at least 3 copies of your data Keep these backups on: 2 different media Store 1 backup offsite. More information
  2. Data Analysis
    Analysis of data is a process of inspecting, cleaning, transforming, and modeling data with the goal of discovering useful information, suggesting conclusions, and supporting decision-making Management of Information (MI) plays a fundamental role in any business lifecycle by ensuring useful information is assembled together, analysed and presented whenever demanded. We collect different types of data (structured and unstructured) and turn this types of data into valuable business asset. Understanding what end users say or feel about your service or what they feel about your competitors helps you work on your response. Our platform has the capability of streamlining vast amount of structured &unstructured data using powerful analytics tools to identify interesting patterns by looking at the historical trends available, behavioural patterns so as to build predictive analytics which has emerged as a core business component in project planning, delivery of services, time management, and resource allocation, running successful market campaigns etc. More information
  3. Reporting(Business Intelligence) )
    Cloud BI Business Intelligence(BI) is the hot stuff in town at present; it is tailored to effectively simplify huge junks of data for day to day operation activities. BI makes use of business data to re-engineer business processes by predicting market trends, identifying new market niche and detecting threats from competitors in advance by gaining enhanced customer insight and subsequently making pro-active decisions based on available data. We will helps you transform raw data into useful information which is market driven, create insightful reports that will aid informed decision-making. Our platform will also allow you to easily create and share reports on demand. We also deliver interactive reports, dashboards, and all types of highly formatted documents. You can view your published and share dashboards securely in the cloud/internet all over the world provided you have internet access. Cloud Business Intelligence (BI) applications are hosted on a virtual network, such as the internet. They are used to provide organizations access to BI-related data such as dashboards, KPIs and other business analytic. More information