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What Business Intelligence Reporting can do?

Identifying data insights in open data using business intelligence reporting tools will involve interrogating data about a given business scope, map the data with end user’s expectation to create personalised dynamic reports that tell a good story not only about the business but user behavioral flow as well. Any business organization capable of adapting a dynamic way of reporting business activity will ultimately use open big data to improve the customer experience while transforming business productivity and well attaining a competitive edge.

With business intelligence reporting tools, businesses can analyse with a click of a button all latest customer’s reviews, feedback across all social media platform and create on-demand reports with much ease. Imagine launching a new menu online via your social platform and getting real-time feedback.

The beauty of having real-time feedback as a business is to aid the on-demand decision-making process. For example, you do not have to wait until the close of business if customers have gone frenzy on the web are complaining about food served or employee to make changes. What is crucial in business is how fast you respond to customer feedback, positive or negative. With real-time update customer feedback reports on your dashboard, business has made it visible to customers that they prioritize customer interest and concerns towards services or a product in the market.
Customer insight will play a critical role in gaining competitive advantage especially in the catering & hospitality industry where customer reviews are broadcasted over the social media platforms. Customer Insight is the intersection between the interests of the consumer and the features of the brand.
Having a good understanding of what your customers are talking about (real-time chat) your business will gain a competitive advantage against your competitors.
The challenges are how do we extract the kinds of useful, meaningful managerial insights from big data in the hospitality industry that will result in a sustained competitive advantage?” Hospitality industry should be willing to venture into new methodologies of doing the business in order to gain competitive advantage.