We specialise in turning your data into actionable intelligence anywhere in the world through remote computing (cloud).Business Intelligence as Service (Saas)

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We specialise on  Data Analysis where we convert your data to actionable intelligence
We provide Business Intelligence as service where we deliver  our services on the cloud
We structure your data in an orgarnised way to make it easier to mine treads which can predict the future your business easily.
Everything About MyDataStories |Business intelligence as Service (BI Saas)
Predictive Analystics , Machine learning and Natural Language Querying
We have the capability to analyze complex data apply standard analysis processes in order to provide actionable intelligence which can be acted on the strategic level.
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Business Intelligence 

24/7 Access of Intelligence


All your data is stored on the cloud Microsoft Azure & SQL Data warehouse
You can access your Business Intellegence through your  computre/tablet/phone 
We provide 24/7 Business Intellegence  even on your phone
Our core Business| Turning  your data to datastories
Power BI report Development
Business systems and tools
Servers and Data
Research Support
Work completed through  Contracted/Consultancy
Please note below  work was  contracted through third Party
NHS Digital|Morrison Data Services | Grainger plc |Care Quality Commission (CQC)